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                  Welcome to                                     Crossing the Streams,                               a GINORMOUS                                   multi-author book                   giveaway!      

My writing partner, Jeffrey J. Mariotte and I, along with about twenty other SF/F/H authors and artists, have thrown in together to create something truly awesome for you, our readers.

Here's how it's going to work. Each individual author is running a contest on his/her own site, and each contest will have its own rules. Each contest will also have TWO winners who will both receive ONE signed book, free, from that particular author. So, for instance, if you win on Ari's site, you'll win one of his books; if you win on Erin's site, you'll win one of hers, etc.

Second, and even more exciting...once the individual contests have ended, all the authors involved will get together and choose one single "SUPER WINNER" from all the entries on all our sites combined. This one lucky individual will receive a signed book, free, from each and every one of the authors involved.

You read that right. Somebody out there's going to win twenty(ish) FREE books! Woohoo!

You can only enter each author's contest once, but you may enter multiple contests. So you could enter here, on Matt's site, on Paul's site, etc. Heck, you can enter on everyone's site, if you want (and Jeff and I really think you should, because these are some great books we're giving away)! And even if you aren't selected as the "SUPER WINNER," you could very well win more than one of the individual contests. You never know.

You can find a complete list of the authors involved, as well as links to their sites, below. But first...

How to Enter MY & JEFF's Contest

Ours is going to be simple. All you have to do is leave us a comment on my blog or on Jeff's, on Jeff's FB page or on mine, or on my Twitter feed (but not Jeff's, because he hates Twitter), or email either him ("contact" on the menu bar) or me, answering this question:

"Who are your favorite fictional duo, and why?"

Your answer can be as long or as short as you like, can come from books, comics, TV, or wherever, and doesn't have to be related to SF/F/H. Just make sure you reference "Crossing the Streams" when you enter, so we know it's not some weird literary spam, heh.

We will select TWO winners: one for the answer we think is the best, and one at random. That way, even if you don't think your explanation is very interesting, you'll still have a shot at winning. And of course, everyone who enters is also in the running for the big "SUPER WINNER" prize at the end of the contest.

Entries must be received (via one of the methods mentioned above) between February 19 and March 19, 2014.

Easy, right? Our two winners, and the "SUPER WINNER", may choose any ONE of my books AND any ONE of Jeff's books listed below:

  • Bridges of Longing by Marsheila Rockwell (paperback), OR
  • Tales of Sand and Sorcery by Marsheila Rockwell (paperback)
  • AND

  • Season of the Wolf by Jeffrey J. Mariotte (paperback), OR
  • The Slab by Jeffrey J. Mariotte (rare OOP paperback)

    Any questions? Drop us an email and we'll do what we can to clarify.

    Our Partners in Crime

    As mentioned, there are about twenty of us involved in this. You can find names, and links, here.

    But do us (and yourself) a favor. When you go to enter their contests (and you know you will), don't just look at the contest page. Everyone involved in this contest is a great author or artist. If you like my and Jeff's stuff, you're sure to like at least some of theirs. (It's okay if you like ours better, though. Heh.) So take a few minutes. Browse a bit and see if anything catches your eye. Then, you know, maybe buy it? We know they'd all love you forever for it, just like we do. ;)

    Thanks, and good luck!

  • Richard Lee Byers
  • Erik Scott de Bie
  • Saranna DeWylde
  • Betsy Dornbusch
  • Darrin Drader
  • Erin M. Evans
  • Gabrielle Faust
  • Matt Forbeck
  • Dave Gross
  • Erin N. Hoffman
  • Howard Andrew Jones
  • Paul S. Kemp
  • Scott Lynch
  • Ari Marmell
  • Joshua Palmatier
  • Jeff Salyards
  • James L. Sutter
  • Wendy N. Wagner